Abi. (abibabibab) wrote in scars_slash,

Hey there dear readers :]
So...there hasn't actually been anything for you to read for about 4321 million years. Yeah, sorry about that!
But there is the slight issue of college...and a social life...and that bastard myspace website which we're all so addicted too.

So my new years Easter holiday resolution is to just read over this slash and sort it out. Hopefully add some new chapters and i don't even know. Maybe finish it...or totally re-vamp the story line. I'll see.

If anyone needs anything then my email is: make-a-move@hotmail.co.uk
Alternatively, you can catch me at www.myspace.com/abibabibab.

Take Care!
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I thought you'd forgotten all about it
Hehe memoriiiies :]!
omgzz memories indeed!!
tis where me && thee jadey first met! {sniff} ;D

yaaaaaaay fkn do this fic

You don't know how happy this makes me. :')

Suspended comment

Oh thank God. I was actually beginning to accept the fact that this is over and move on! Ha. Can't wait for more, but don't bust a gut trying to finish it x